What is enclosure ?

Enclosure : an industrial solution

Casing is a crucial industrial process that involves designing and installing protective housings, or enclosures, on machines and mechanical systems. These enclosures serve to cover moving or hazardous parts of a machine, such as gears, belts, and chains. Casing solutions can also be tailored for needs beyond the machine tool sector.

What is enclosure ?

Casing is the act of applying a protective cover around the mechanical components of a machine. This term stems from the fundamental need for safety and compliance with industrial standards, aiming to protect both the operators and the machine components themselves. Enclosures are typically made from metal, depending on the specific requirements of each application.

What is the Purpose of Casing?

The primary function of casing is to provide a safety barrier between the moving parts of a machine and the operators or the external environment. This helps to prevent accidents and injuries, which is crucial for maintaining high safety standards in any industrial setting. Additionally, enclosures can also:

  • Reduce noise emissions from the equipment.
  • Prevent the spread of dust and debris generated by the machines.
  • Help maintain temperature in mechanical components, avoiding overheating.

Designing Casing Solutions

The design of enclosures requires a detailed and customized approach for each machine and project. Here are the key steps in developing casing solutions:

  1. Specification: Writing down technical and aesthetic requirements.
  2. Design office: Creating a design that fits perfectly with the dimensions and functionalities of the machine.
  3. Material selection: Choosing materials that provide the best protection and durability, while considering factors such as weight and corrosion resistance.
  4. Manufacturing: Laser cutting, bending, forming, welding, painting at LAVAYSSIERE workshops. Assembly can be performed either in our facilities or at the client’s site.

Advantages of casing

Investing in casing offers several tangible benefits for industries, including:

  • Improved safety: Significant reduction in the risk of accidents and workplace incidents.
  • Increased productivity: Well-protected machines tend to require less maintenance and can operate more efficiently.
  • Regulatory compliance: Adherence to current industrial and legal standards, essential for operation in many sectors.
  • Investment protection: Extended machine life due to effective protection against wear and external elements.

Casing is more than just a regulatory requirement; it is a vital practice that ensures the safety, performance, and longevity of industrial equipment. At LAVAYSSIERE, we are committed to providing customized casing solutions that meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring that every aspect of design and implementation is flawless.

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