Design, production, installation

LAVAYSSIERE offers a know-how and expertise in engineering and sheet metal work.

Our teams are specialised in industrial engineering and innovation is our core business to provide ever more concrete solutions adapted to your various needs in industrial sheet metal.

The development of specific and customised systems / products allows us to offer you an optimal solution.

Our know-how and skills in the engineering sector enable LAVAYSSIERE to create industrial solutions that are ever more precise and efficient.

What is Industrial Engineering?

Industrial engineering consists in studying an industrial project in all its aspects, from the study to the design, through the realisation and installation. It optimises production and control operations. All of our solutions are designed in order to respect specific specifications and specific regulations related to industrial energy control.

The Sheet metal

The LAVAYSSIERE teams are able to meet all your needs in industrial sheet metal and fine sheet metal:


Industrial sheet metal work is a manufacturing process that handles sheet metal in several stages

  • Cutting

  • Rolling

  • Folding

  • Welding

  • Painting

  • Penetrant testing

This mastery combines robustness and durability, because it’s a product that doesn’t rust or warp ; which allows for a wide range of applications such as staircases, partitions and cabins.

Industrial sheet metal is used for large-scale projects where powerful machines with high precision finishes are required.


Since 1952, LAVAYSSIERE worked with industrials to help them carry out their various casing projects, enclosure and fitting out of industrial cabins. With a strong experience acquired over the years, LAVAYSSIERE has an expertise and a recognised know-how in the industrial sector which enables it to be as close as possible to its customers’ needs.


Our boilermakers handle small quantities of metals such as steel, stainless steel or aluminum in order to obtain a very thin sheet of metal.

Fine sheet metal work is frequently used for the production of small series or individual pieces, which requires specific machines that can cut and shape the sheet metal without damaging it.

For this very meticulous work, we use folding, punching or laser cutting in order to bring maximum precision.

Throughout our manufacturing process, we respect strict hygiene instructions and safety norms.


Installation of glazing and fittings, safety elements, pneumatic machine network, opening cylinders.
Wiring, automation, electrical cabinet.
Assembly of sub-assemblies.
Sheet metal subcontracting.


Parlons de votre projet

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