An industrial company needs a lot of equipment to be able to operate optimally. This equipment will contribute to increase productivity and will play a role in the company’s ability to innovate. Thanks to its 70 years of experience in the industrial environment, LAVAYSSIERE offers solutions adapted to your business and meets all your needs.

According to your designs, we bring the aesthetic and functional finish to your products: technical equipment, peripheral enclosure of production facilities, handling tools, technical room. Our know-how in mechanical welding allows us to offer you a global solution: machine frame + casing.

A mechanically welded structure is an assembly of metal pieces using the welding technique. Used in unit production, but also in large series, this technique makes it possible to assemble large elements to obtain a large-scale structure.

Our services:
  • Custom-made

  • Integrated design office

  • On site ribbing

  • Quality realisation

  • Manufacturer pre-assembly

  • Assembly in the production environment

Peripheral enclosure for machine protection

We produce protective casing that respect the working environment.

Peripheral enclosure for machine protects the operator, reduces noise pollution and offers hygienic properties for many sectors of activity.

Test benches

We can design your custom-made test bench enclosure according to your business and environmental constraints.

Our design office will work with you to define the adapted enclosure. We support you in every step to find the best solution.

Lifting Tools

Our tools are made to ensure safety by complying with all applicable norms and providing ergonomics solutions.

We make handling tools adapted to your co-worker, your premises and the products or equipment to be handled. Most of our handling equipment is made of steel and equipped with robust wheels adapted to moving and lifting heavy loads in industrial environments.

For moving or lifting heavy loads, our trolleys will enable you to optimise handling operations in your workshop while limiting the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. (Partners for validation…Apave and others) Certified tools

Customised technical room

LAVAYSSIERE can create a technical room for you to house various equipment (boiler, air conditioner, telephone switch, electrical cables, gas meter, filter pump, material storage, etc…).

Our design office creates your technical room according to your constraints in terms of dimensions, models and materials in order to meet your needs.

Our technical rooms for industry meet the most demanding security norms and technical characteristics, but also to the current regulations.

Many options are available in order to meet most of the technical expectations.


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