Fitting out


Do you have an industrial fitting out project? Whether it’s for a production area or a production tool, LAVAYSSIERE is your ideal partner for adapting your workspace to your specific needs while ensuring the safety of your employees.

Our teams support you in your industrial fitting-out projects within your activities, respecting your various technical, ergonomic, and budgetary constraints.

The LAVAYSSIERE teams are specialized in the fitting-out of industrial workstations, particularly for machine and process access.

  • Process line operator console

  • Suspended console

  • Specific access platform

  • Tooling station

  • Telescopic walkway

  • Operator cabin

  • Designer industrial furniture


The ergonomics of an industrial workstation are extremely important, which is why it’s essential to invest in the right equipment. The workstation have be ergonomic and optimized so that employees can work productively and comfortably. A well-designed workstation reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

Having an ergonomic workstation saves time but also increases overall profitability.

The aim is to create a perfectly designed workspace that promotes both efficiency and employee well-being.


Set-up a new work area ensures the safety of the staff but also protects the company’s equipment.

In the industry sector, this is even more important, because some employees may, in some circumstances, work next to machines that are quite delicate and dangerous to handle, but also with products that may be toxic.

The optimization of the working space is a real necessity in the industry sector because a not well organized workshop can have consequences both for the safety of the employee and for the company’s productivity

The workspace must be adapted to guarantee optimum safety for the people working there.


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