The LAVAYSSIERE company as been created in Figeac in a small family workshop by Marcel LAVAYSSIERE’s father, Henry LAVAYSSIERE, who was a wheeler and car body designer; his know-how was in wood and steel work. He made cartwheels (new wheels and iron cladding) and wooden bodywork. At that time, Marcel LAVAYSSIERE was 6 years old and spent a lot of time in the workshops. It was a bit like his playground. His father quickly gave up wood bodywork for metal one.


Henry LAVAYSSIERE starts designing and manufacturing cattle trucks, trays and trucks bodies. The company has 1 to 2 employees. At that time, Marcel LAVAYSSIERE continue his schooling and studies. He obtains his BEI (higher education diploma) at the Lycée Cabanis in Brive. After that, he moves to Paris for a professional Brevet as an independent candidate. He enrolled in evening classes. Then, he obtains a BTS in boiler making and stays in Paris for 5 years where he works for 8 different companies, between workshops and design offices.


Marcel LAVAYSSIERE leaves for Toulouse to do his military service. At the same time, he enrolls as a free candidate at the IPA (Business Preparatory Institute) and works as a freelance industrial designer.


At the age of 26, Marcel takes over the family business. Over time, the workshop become too small and most of the chassis are built outside according to the template.

He meets difficulties for 3 years with the implementation of his expansion project.


He builds a second workshop at the back of his house: 400 m2 reserved to the manufacture of trucks bodies, agricultural trailers and cattle trucks.

Henry & Marcel Lavayssiere – Elie Baylet – 1972


First fairing designed for RATIER-FIGEAC.


LAVAYSSIERE produces its first retrofits for General Electric in Sochaux.


He wins the contract and works for FOREST. The company has grown from 3/4 employees to 10. Then, he was solicited by SERMATI, CPED, CERMES, etc.


Marcel takes part in his first exhibition.

He participates at the MIDEST, and is no longer able to meet all the demands.

In the same year, Marcel LAVAYSSIERE built another workshop in Figeac, in the Aiguille area.

That year, FOREST files for bankruptcy and cancels all its current orders, but the LAVAYSSIERE’s company resists because its cash flow is stable.

From 1985 to 1990

The company has no competitors. Local craftsmen intervene directly on the customer’s sites for welding services. The company’s reputation has been built with her capacity to intervene and manufacture rapidly (less than a week).


RENAULT asks for enclosures studies, and become in a short time a major customer. The company establishes a trust relationship with each client. FOREST consults LAVAYSSIERE again after having tried to design their own enclosures. The difficulties encountered with some customers are due to the interaction with the purchasing departments. They only dealt with the price and delivery aspects; whereas the technical and feasibility aspects are the priority in a casing’s study.


Marcel enrolls at the ESDI (Higher Education in Industrial Design) in Paris as a free candidate (1 year). He understands that aesthetics would become a strong point in the design of enclosures.


S.A LAVAYSSIERE is created.


The company begins to computerise and makes its first investment in a digital control cutting machine, then she expands its workshop with the installation of a liquid paint cabin.


A third construction enables the installation of an overhead crane. The company also acquires a digitally controlled folding press (retrofit).

Marcel LAVAYSSIERE creates the SCI which becomes the owner of the buildings.


After a successful career, Marcel sells the company to Mr. and Mrs. Humilière. At that time, the company has 29 employees.


The company moves to Capdenac-Gare, where it’s currently located.


LAVAYSSIERE is bought by Myriam and David Petit-Rouvès, chairman of the MAVENTIS group, which includes MAVIPAL, PRODEX and DPA.

David Petit-Rouvès and Marcel Lavayssiere – 2023


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