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From the cutting to the final assembling, a custome-made french production.

Located in Capdenac-Gare (France), our factory is specialized in unit and small series production from specifications, drawings or samples. We are able to transform the following materials:

  • Steel

  • Stainless steel

  • Aluminium

  • Galvanised sheet metal

LAVAYSSIERE takes charge of your project from A to Z.

Whether you’re looking to produce encolsures in small batches or larger pieces, LAVAYSSIERE is your trusted partner for customizing your designs. We create unique shapes and sizes, thanks to a variety of manufacturing processes and our highly qualified staff.

What is sheet metalwork?

Boilermaking is a manufacturing process for metal parts. The principle is to shape them from raw material to obtain the desired shapes and dimensions. Thanks to this technique, high-precision parts can be produced. Boilermaking techniques and processes fall into four main categories: cutting, forming, assembly and painting. Mastery of these different processes enables us to create industrial structures in a wide variety of shapes and forms.

Why entrust us the manufacture of your casing?

Qualified expertise

Thanks to its qualified teams, its technical department (8 persons) with its integrated design office and its specialized journeymen, LAVAYSSIERE is able to manufacture very complicated parts, on small or large formats, painted or untreated.

Rigorous quality control

Quality controls then ensure that the work carried out on the parts complies with expectations, guaranteeing the quality of each enclosure and casing.

Sector versatility

Our capacity to work for several companies and industrials such as aerospace, automotive, electronic …

Laser cutting

LAVAYSSIERE is equipped with a fiber laser cutting machine 2 x 4 m which allows a cut on metal sheet thicknesses from 0.2 to 15 millimeters with a high speed.

Principle: a fiber source produce a laser beam which is forwarded through a fiber optic to the cutting head.

The laser cutting is a manufacture process which consists in cut the material thanks to a high quantity of energy created by a laser and concentrated on a very small area.

The laser enables to vary freely the cutted shape.

It is often possible to engrave text with the same machine. A control software with creation and preview functionalities is then used to format a text or a graphic element.

The forming (folding and rolling)

LAVAYSSIERE has 2 connected LVD folding machines, 4m/170T and 3m/135T, and one 3m roll machine which are dedicated to the shaping of metal sheets of different grades.

Principle of folding: The folding is a high-energy process that stresses the metal for a fraction of a second to give it the wished shape, without breaking the metal fibers. It has the advantage of improving the ductility and resistance to fracture of metals and can be applied to large parts.

Principle of rolling: A technique for shaping metals, whether stainless steel or aluminum. Under the effect of plastic deformation, it is thus possible to obtain rounded shapes. In consequence, the rolling enables to realise different metallic parts for personalized and custom made carenages.

This industrial process guarantees the respect of the standards in force, but also the solidity, the resistance and the reliability of these metal achievements.


In our workshops, LAVAYSSIERE’s teams rigorously build the previously manufactured elements. Based on a plan or after prior identification, the assembly of metallic parts is carried out according to strict TIG or MIG welding procedures in order to guarantee the enclosure or other equipment corresponding to your specifications.

Principle of welding: MIG welding, like TIG welding, is an electric arc welding process. This involves raising the temperature of the two steel parts to be welded to their melting point, using an electric arc that is created by an electrode and a gas supply. Electricity flows through the metals, causing warming up and create a fusion bath.

The assembly is protected against oxidation during welding and you add a filler metal with a rod, in order to strengthen it (not mandatory for TIG welding).

The TIG welding is applied to all types of metals, including aluminum and steel. You are guaranteed to get a strong finish that is more resistant to corrosion. You are guaranteed to obtain a robust and more corrosion-resistant finish.


LAVAYSSIERE is equipped with a large format powder coating cabin, which allows to paint small parts as well as large ones (up to 6 meters). We can customize your enclosure according to the colors chosen from the RAL color chart.

Many finishes are possible: matt, glossy, satin, textured.
Principle Powder coating is a method of coating metal surfaces with a layer of powder paint. A negatively charged dye adheres to a positively charged object due to electrostatic interactions. Then the painted objects go into special ovens, where the paint is hardened under the influence of high temperatures. This creates a durable and evenly applied layer.

LAVAYSSIERE also has a liquid paint booth for parts up to 6 meters. We also offer colors based on RAL. Then, the paintings are steamed.


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