You are an industrialist and the enclosure of one of your production machines is damaged? Or do you simply want to change a part, its color, its finish? Don’t worry, it’s not systematically necessary to replace it. In the industrial world, equipment operates at a furious pace and quickly suffers from the effects of time. The acquisition or replacement of a carterisation can therefore be a significant investment. Thanks to its know-how, LAVAYSSIERE offers solutions that enable you to give a second life to your enclosures : the retrofit.

What is the retrofit?

The retrofit is a process that gives a second life to an industrial machine. It consists in the partial replacement of certain parts of the machine that, due to wear, can no longer guarantee optimal operation. These old parts are replaced. This process applies mainly to robust or very large machines. Retrofit is not just replacing defective parts. It also enables the modernization of the machine without changing its basic operation. Retrofit enables the machine to be adapted to a new norm, a new technology or to be resold.

Significant savings

Retrofitting enables you to make substantial savings by avoiding the high cost of complete equipment replacement.

Increased longevity

By improving and renewing defective parts in your machine’s casing, retrofitting increases its longevity, protecting your investment.

Ecological approach

By opting for retrofit, you are taking an ecological approach, reducing industrial waste and minimizing environmental impact.

Downtime reduction

Retrofit reduces production downtime compared with purchasing new equipment, which translates into higher productivity.

Improved safety

Compliance/upgrade improves safety by bringing the machine up to current standards, reducing workplace risks for your employees.

Optimized working comfort

Retrofit ensures greater working comfort by optimizing the machine’s ergonomic conditions, which can boost employee satisfaction and productivity.


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