LAVAYSSIERE designs custom-made casing and enclosure, turn-key, whether compact or large-volume, fixed or mobile.

All our casings are designed to meet your strict industrial protection requirements:

  • Radiation
  • Fog

  • Phonic

  • Thermal

  • Watertightness

  • Armoring

  • Laser

  • Pulsed power

What is industrial confinement?

Industrial containment is an essential protective device for securing and standardizing various work areas and environments. Thanks to our customized solutions, you can secure and rationalize your work areas in compliance with current safety standards.

As a designer, manufacturer and installer, LAVAYSSIERE combines know-how and creativity to meet all your industrial containment needs.

Why do we confine an industrial process?

Industrial confinement is a know-how that enables:
– Protect the company’s personnel from dangerous substances during all the process stages (metal or powders, cleaning of magnetic pieces, handling of chemical compounds or radioactive elements, tool…)
– Seal / sealing the work area to prevent splashing and contamination
– Confine sensitive substances and products (in air) in order to protect the ongoing process.
– Maintain the product confinement to prevent contamination risks
– Maintain and regulate working temperatures to optimize the realisation conditions for the various construction.


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